Adorable Couple


Adorable Couple

Here is a photo from Saturday’s engagement session.


March 3rd- March 4th

Had and awesome weekend spent time with family. Had and awesome engagement shoot which was a total success with an awesome couple! Went to a birthday party for my niece and nephew. Oo yes they had two cakes also so double duty on the cake eating. This weekend was so much fun went by really fast though back to work now.ย 

Dear Santa…

Our “Dear Santa Wishlist” is continuing to grow as it gets closer and closer to Christmas. While Leroy has decided a new prime lens is his main focus this year, I’m completely in love with all things having to do with the gorgeous Kelly Moore Bags!

Specifically I am interested in the “MiMi” bag in grey. *Swoon*ย Not ONLY is it gorgeous but it is a very protective and multi-purpose camera/day bag. I could totally see myself using this as my main bag for photo shoots – toting my camera, lens, flash, keys, phone, and wallet all in one nifty bag. BUT, this is just my favorite style…there are more! You will just have to check them out for yourself (click the banner above to see all the gorgeous bags).

Yep, I’m in love! I’m pulling out all the tricks to try and find a way to turn this “want” into a “need”! Wish me luck ๐Ÿ˜‰ย ย WHEN I get a bag of my own, I will gladly share with you all how much more in love with the bag I will be and just how handy it really can be…so check back!!

Share with us….what’s #1 on your Christmas wishlist?

Challenge – Day 25

Day 25 | Sunflare

Chelsea’s Photo:
I LOVE sunflare! I try and get at least one shot every shoot I do! This sunflare was captured indoors using the light coming from the window. I’m also a sucker for a close-up, so this is a close-up shot of our 7 month old (in her pretty little flower!) ๐Ÿ™‚

Leroy’s Photo:
I took this photo at my mom’s house in her front yard. I decided to do a mini session of my younger brother with a few instrument props at sunset. Sunset is really the best time to get a good sunflare and this one worked perfectly. We got a lot of great shots, this is just one of them!