Totally Rad! – RadLab Review

As you may or may not know, we are currently in the middle of a 30 Day Photo Challenge! Consequently, we are also in the middle of a 30 day free trial of Totally Rad!’s RadLab. What do these things have in common? Well, lots of things obviously they are both 30 days long and both have to do with photos…but most importantly we really wouldn’t have one without the other. (awwwww) Seriously though, RadLab has made our photo challenge a breeze to edit and has increased the quality of our photos as well.

Based on the same general principles of the Photoshop actions…that I recently discovered makes editing photo sessions SO MUCH SIMPILER….RadLab takes that simplicity and doubles it! Once installed, RadLab is opened in Photoshop and accessed with one click. It then pops up with a before and after preview of your chosen photo – THIS is my favorite feature. What’s even BETTER is you don’t have to click the filter to see the changes, they are already previewed for you and you just pick and choose the “recipe” you want to use for the particular editing your photo requires.

The good, the bad…
I’ll start with the bad first (since there is less bad than good). The one thing I’m not fond of is that I don’t seem to find a back button for the filters when in the RadLab? Which means I’ve had to close RadLab and restart it after I click a filter I didn’t mean to click. This doesn’t happen often but is not fun when it does. Honestly, other than that one problem – I’m excited that I stumbled across Totally Rad! right before they released RadLab. Some things that I do like are:

– How quick and easy it is to work
– The before and after view
– The examples of what the filter will do with your photo
– And the nifty filters over all

I will be very bummed when my 30 day trial is over in a few weeks, but I know I’ll probably end up investing in this handy editing helper soon after my trial is over, because I won’t know what to do without it and don’t even use all of the features yet! I hope this review peaked your interest and encourages you to check out more about RadLab and the other great stuff Totally Rad! has to offer! Thanks for your time 😉

P.S. All the photos below were edited with RadLab, with a few extra actions and tweeks here and there! Nice eh?


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